Hvide Sande and St. Peter-Ording

Nice conditions again! I had some really good days on the water, first in Hvide Sande with Hanna and Dario, a week later in Spo together with Christian, Marvin, Suse and Nadine. But last Friday I had a bit bad luck. I was riding the 8 meter GTS in 30 knots and just wanted to do a unspectacular Board-Off. But I lost the Board in the Air and the just fall from 3 meters height with my butt right on the fin. The result of this was a huge hematoma I had to go to hospital with. Sometimes Oldschool can be really hardcore ;) Here are some pics, shot by Hanna and by my mum.

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  1. Lasse Says:

    Dude, nice story and nice pictures.

    It totally sucks that I have no car at the moment, so I can’t ride with you and the other guys. Nevermind, had some great sessions with Tobi and Stefan.

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