3rd Kitesurf-Trophy Büsum

The Kitesurf-Trophy in Büsum was really cool! We had all 4 days great conditions with flat water and wind! The partys on thursday and saurday were good as well. Even though it was extremely cold I had a funny time together with my girlfriend Hanna and a lot of friends. On thursday the single elemination started. I had some really good heats beating Gunnar Biniasch and Rick Jensen. I think the best one was against Rick, landing a 313, Blind Judge 3, S-Bend Pass, Back 2 blind with Airpass, L3 and Switch Kiteloop Handlepass. In the semi final I lost against Mario Rodwald. Next round was the loosers final against Niklas Hunthgeburt which I won again. On saturday all riders were extremely motivated and we could see a lot of great tricks in strong winds! It’s incredible how good everybody became. I don’t know why but it I had some problems with my riding in the double but it was good enough to defeat my 3rd place against Niklas who had a bad heat as well. I’m really happy know, it’s the first time on the podium since I started riding in the men’s division 2009. Congratulations to Mario who became first,  Stefan who became second and all the others winners! The Underground Kicker and Slider Contest has been cancelled, because of the strong wind on staurday and sunday. I hope that we will give it a try again at the KST Fehmarn.

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  1. vaddern Says:

    sehr schöne Leistung….bin auf Fehmarn gespannt

  2. Carsten Says:

    Daumen hoch!! Echt phääät!

    Bild Nr. 2 hat’s mir auch angetan! ;-)

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