Home is where your heart is!!!

In my case it’s definitely in St. Peter-Ording! I’ve been lazy since one year and didn’t post any new content…sorry for that ;) By the way, I’m going to Perth on July 17th! Will spend a study abroad semester at the Murdoch University and then stay there until march to escape the German winter :) Can’t wait to have some supadupa nice sessions at Woodies again!

Cape Verde

Check out this short video about my trip to Cape Verde, Sal in febuary this year!

Egypt 10D

Lasse Girolstein and me went to Egypt, Soma Bay in febuary. The Breakers Hotel and the 7 Bft Kitehouse is the perfect place to stay for Kitesurfers. We had awsome conditions, the water was flat and it has been windy every day. Even though the riots forced us to depart a little earlier than planned we had perfect 10 days and we will definetly come back! Don’t take the video too serious it’s a fun story. Check out by yourselves!

Egypt 10D from Tim Kummerfeld on Vimeo.

Merry christmas!

What a winter! What happened to the global warming? I hope it won’t stay as cold as it is for the next three or four months. As an annual tradition we go kiteboarding on christmas eve. But this time ,  it was way too cold. It was a real adventure to get from Hamburg to St. Peter-Ording. The smaller roads between Heid and Spo were difficult to drive and full of snow. Just short before we arrived, a car hit our mirror and it broke. I jumped out off the car and ran after it because the road was too small to do a U-turn. But that guy just drove away. So annoying… But finally my dad and me arrived in Spo, and went for a snowkitesession. I did it the first time and it was real fun! Suse, Christian and Carsten joined me as well. Here are some pics! So in the end I had some wonderful christmas days, I hope you too!? By the way, thanks to Jannes for the Snowboard and Jens for the Snowboardboots! Now I can’t wait anymore to go to Sal/Cape Verde  and test my new Ronix Reliks Wakeboardbindings. they are so comfortable, I even wear them chilling on the couch!

Riding for O’Neill

I’m proud to say that I am fully sponsored by O’Neill now. Since 2008 I am already riding in the warmest, most flexible wetsuits on the market. Now I am sponsored by O’Neill Clothing as well. I had 3 wonderful years riding for Shisha and it has been great to see how this brand developed. So it wasn’t an easy decision, but I think it is a dream of every Kiter to be able to identify with O’Neill as an innovative and one of the leading surf brands on the market. I’m really happy about it, and would like to say a big thank you  to Shisha for the last years. By the way, heres a link to an interview on Boost-Kiteboarding: Interview

Hvide Sande and St. Peter-Ording

Nice conditions again! I had some really good days on the water, first in Hvide Sande with Hanna and Dario, a week later in Spo together with Christian, Marvin, Suse and Nadine. But last Friday I had a bit bad luck. I was riding the 8 meter GTS in 30 knots and just wanted to do a unspectacular Board-Off. But I lost the Board in the Air and the just fall from 3 meters height with my butt right on the fin. The result of this was a huge hematoma I had to go to hospital with. Sometimes Oldschool can be really hardcore ;) Here are some pics, shot by Hanna and by my mum.

Kitesurf Worldcup St. Peter-Ording

The Kitesurf Worldcup has been a great event again. Core has had the biggest showroom and a huge amount of testkites. It was really fun to work this week with the whole team together. Apart of that I’ve been really confident with my riding in the Contest. I got a wildcard for the main event and won the first round against Niklas Hunthgeburt. The second heat was against Youri Zoon. I landed all my tricks really safe, but to have a chance against Youri I have to practice a bit more ;) . In the double I had bad luck. In my heat against Jerrie van de Kop I missed the bar during a NIS and tangled with his kite. So I got disqualified. That happens…. So I’m on the 17th place now.

Here are some pics. Thanks a lot to Core for the great week.

Summer in Flensburg

Welcome summer! It’s great to go kiting barefoot again. I had some pretty nice session the last weeks. After my 3rd place im super motivated to learn new tricks. I’m working on the Lowmobe at the moment. I think I crashed at least a 100 times but I could land three. Also Frontmobe and Slimchance are in progress. I try to learn everything in both directions from the beginning now, which is pretty hard. So if you see somebody crashing all the time it is probably me ;) …who cares. Here’s a pic of the beach Solitüde, waiting for wind.

By the way,  Tino Mrotzkowski published his new homepage www.timrodesign.de . He created a fresh font with a pic of me, looks great! Take a look by yourselves!

3rd Kitesurf-Trophy Büsum

The Kitesurf-Trophy in Büsum was really cool! We had all 4 days great conditions with flat water and wind! The partys on thursday and saurday were good as well. Even though it was extremely cold I had a funny time together with my girlfriend Hanna and a lot of friends. On thursday the single elemination started. I had some really good heats beating Gunnar Biniasch and Rick Jensen. I think the best one was against Rick, landing a 313, Blind Judge 3, S-Bend Pass, Back 2 blind with Airpass, L3 and Switch Kiteloop Handlepass. In the semi final I lost against Mario Rodwald. Next round was the loosers final against Niklas Hunthgeburt which I won again. On saturday all riders were extremely motivated and we could see a lot of great tricks in strong winds! It’s incredible how good everybody became. I don’t know why but it I had some problems with my riding in the double but it was good enough to defeat my 3rd place against Niklas who had a bad heat as well. I’m really happy know, it’s the first time on the podium since I started riding in the men’s division 2009. Congratulations to Mario who became first,  Stefan who became second and all the others winners! The Underground Kicker and Slider Contest has been cancelled, because of the strong wind on staurday and sunday. I hope that we will give it a try again at the KST Fehmarn.

Kitesurf-Trophy Dahme

The good thing about the KST was, that we had wind on friday. The bad thing was that the wind was totally offshore coming over a hilly backland.  It was really impossible to take the right Kite size. After every heat a boat had to rescue most of the time all 4 riders because it was impossible to stay upwind. I felt good friday and had, for this conditions, two nice heats. I won the first one against Florian Staben, but I had bad luck and had to ride against Mario Rodwald in the second heat, who became first later.  Sadly we hadn’t got enough wind to do the double elemination on saturday. But I went to Großenbrode together with Christian Brill and we had really fun on the water. I managed to land a 515 with an Indy grab before passing the bar, that I’m extremely happy about! Anyway it was a cool event and I’m looking forward to the KST Büsum, because it is a great Spot with nice flat water.

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